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Information regarding changes to our Billing Policy

You may not be aware that when bulk billing a consultation the doctor is accepting a heavily discounted fee for their time and expertise. The reality is that Medicare rebates have not increased enough to fully cover the cost of providing you with the safe and high-quality service you deserve. Both Liberal and Labor Governments have consistently underfunded the Medicare Schedule of fees which was frozen for 10 years and since then has only had a small increase well below the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and increasing average weekly costs of running the practice.

This is not a sustainable situation financially for the practice. The Medicare Rebate alone is no longer enough to retain doctors or to keep our practice viable for the future. For these reasons, it is not possible to “Bulk Bill” everyone, for every consult.

After careful consideration, we are changing our billing policy:
• Pensioners and health care card holders can no longer be routinely bulk billed.
• There will be a small increase to our private fees
• Concession card holders will be eligible for a reduced out of pocket payment.

This change will allow us to continue to bulk bill for the many other important health services we currently provide, such as Care Plans, Vaccinations and some follow-up appointments, which may be bulk-billed at the discretion of the GP.

We are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of healthcare services we provide and this change is necessary in order to protect and sustain your medical practice.

We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support of Gum Medical – in the past and into the future – as we make this transition. These changes will come into effect from TUESDAY 1ST NOVEMBER 2022.

When will Bulk Billing still apply?
Access to healthcare is very important to us. Therefore, bulk billing will still apply to some services and patients.

Patients who will continue to be bulk billed are:
• Children under 16 years
• Defence Veterans
• Disability Support Pension Card Holders

Services that will continue to be bulk billed are:
• Chronic disease management plans/reviews
• Mental health treatment plans
• Home medicines reviews
• Vaccinations
• Health assessments (Healthy Heart Check, 45-49s, Over 75s, Disability Support)
Fee Schedule
Doctors and allied health professionals consulting at Gum Medical set their own fees which may be different from this standard fee schedule.

Medicare does not give an increased rebate for longer Telephone Consultations. A larger out-of-pocket Gap Fee may apply.

Consultation LengthMedicare Rebate -
Rebate - 
Standard GapConcession
Brief Consult (<6mins)$18.20$18.20$40.20$22.00$38.20$20.00
Standard Consult
(6 to 20 mins)
Longer Consult
(20-40 mins)
(>40 mins)

Procedural Fees will be in addition to associated consultation and/or procedure item numbers
Routine Procedures:Varies$50  
EG: Biopsies
Complex Procedures:Varies$100  
EG: Wound closure / Excisions / Implanon
Difficult Procedures:Varies$150  
EG: Mirena placement/Skin Flaps/Grafts

*Our receptionist will ask you for credit card details before your ‘phone consult and process payment when completed. Credit card details will be shredded once payment processed - We will not store your card details.
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COVID - 19

During these uncertain times, you can rest assured that Gum Medical is doing the utmost to ensure that you and our staff remain safe. We have a number of procedures in place to limit your chances of exposure.
If you have any of the following symptoms, or are concerned that you may have been at an exposure site:
fever (a temperature of 37.5˚C or higher) or chills.
loss of taste or smell
sore throat
tiredness (fatigue)
runny or blocked nose
shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)
nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea
muscle or joint pain
Please get a COVID test and isolate at home until you receive a negative result as per SA Health guidelines.
Our doctors will all be wearing fit-tested N95 masks and goggles that provide the highest level of protection reasonably possible.

You can help by wearing a mask while you are in our clinic and maintaining social distancing. To minimize the time, you spend sitting in the waiting room we ask that you wait for your appointment outside or in your car. You can let us know that you have arrived by checking in on the HotDoc app, otherwise ring the doorbell or call and let reception know on 8389 1009. We will then contact you when the doctor or nurse is available to see you.

We do continue to offer face to face appointments where appropriate, but ask that, if appropriate and safe, you consider a telehealth appointment instead.

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